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Microsoft Office 2013 Free Trial

Microsoft officially launched Office 2013 Customer Preview, download a trial invite

Today Microsoft has officially launched Customer Preview Office 2013 (codenamed Office 15), the latest version of Office applications currently being used by millions of people around the world. Office 2013 is designed to take advantage of cloud services.By default, the office files are stored on SkyDrive so that users can synchronize files and use them anytime, anywhere. The configuration settings, file information and new users in recent times, templates and even custom dictionary, the user will be synchronized based on Windows Live account.
Office 2013 offers interface features of Windows 8 Metro UI style is simple but still able to fill all the necessary features. The new software is built to optimize the use of the touch screen, like what Microsoft did with Windows 8. Ability to work with stylus and handwriting recognition is enhanced compared to the previous generation. In each application of Office 2013 will have a Touch Mode button to switch to the mode used on the tablet.
Microsoft said Office Home and Student 2013 RT will be installed on any Windows device used RT (which appears on the computer running ARM processors), including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Pricing and release of Office 2013 schedule will be published more fully this fall. As for the online service, Microsoft Office 365 offers several packages with all the Office 2013 applications, which comes with it is right to upgrade and use on up to five PCs. In the absence of his computer, the client has registered Office 365 Office 2013 can use the Internet to the fullest through features such as the normal. The service package includes:
  • Premium Home Office 365: designed for consumers and families. It includes 20GB of SkyDrive and 60 minutes of free Skype calls per month worldwide.
  • Premium Office 365 Small Business: design toward small business, enterprise email support, shared calendar, website building tools and Web-based online conversations HD resolution.
  • Office 365 ProPlus: for business customers with the ability to manage and distribute powerful cloud-based.
Proceed to download Office 2013 Customer Preview at Microsoft’s Web site, requesting a Windows Live account. Please select the correct version of Office 2013 32-bit or 64-bit depending on your Windows. Note: Only compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8, does not run on Windows XP, Vista.

The main changes in Office 2013

Microsoft Word now provides complete support for PDF format, along with features Read Mode will automatically adjust the view of the text in order to bring the best reading experience. If the user can insert video from online services like YouTube, Word supports playback from within the application. Reading Resume function will automatically record the last place that you stop reading right now and restore it when you open the text up.
Excel version allows users to analyze, represent simple data. By default, the spreadsheet will be synthesized in the form of pivot table so that customers can choose the best plan for the display. Fill Flash feature appears automatically learn the operations, the formula of the user to then apply them automatically to the remaining data. Excel 2013 will automatically suggest the best type of chart for performance data.Customizable interface components of the new chart is also made towards more convenient.
PowerPoint 2013 is added Presenter View feature that can display slide presentations as well as the next slide, presentation time, notes, … to support the user’s speech.During the presentation, PowerPoint lets zoom in, zoom out, considerable mark and navigate between slides by touch or stylus.
OneNote is pretty much innovation can most easily be seen that the interface style of its Metro. The notes and documents that the user has created will be synchronized across multiple platforms that OneNote supports, including Windows Mobile, Windows 7/8, IOS and Android. Users can also view them on Web-based Office (Office Web Apps). The ability to embed external objects have become better. If the user inserts a spreadsheet Excel, OneNote will automatically display its contents, and drawing appropriate graphs available. When the modified Excel file, OneNote also automatically updated. New OneNote also supports better stylus old and has built-in handwriting converted into characters the computer. Also included in the Office OneNote 2013, Microsoft also offers a separate OneNote Windows app App Store.
Outlook in Office 2013 has Exchange ActiveSync support with auto push email, calendar and contacts through popular email services. New navigation bar makes browsing through email, calendar easier. It is also closely connected with social networks, including LinkedIn and Facebook to automatically retrieve information. Some new features of Outlook can be included as peeks (quick calendar, email sender information), People Card (see more contacts in a single interface), share calendars with others.

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